Long time, no programming…

It has been a while since a) I have posted here (for sure) but also b) I have written a line of code…

This past weekend I had a need for something…

I have in the past found posts online (forums, craigslist etc) where there was a picture that was on flicker, but it was just a link to the static image.

Many times, I would like to expore that users other photographs.

Take for example, this picture:

Which has the following url:


If I don’t know this person, than finding the rest of their photos is difficult.

I found this great page here that describes how to move from a static photo to flickr user’s home page:


But that involved a lot of cutting and pasting.

So a little code to the rescue.

I first wrote this in Javascript, but I had difficulty in posting said javascript within the wordpress template. So I rewrote the code in php and I posted it here as a stand alone page:


So, if you enter the static image url of a flickr image, the above page will generate the url and provide a link to the image on flickr and allow you to browse the rest of their photostream.

I hope others find it useful.

I do.


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